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"...I received the Tactical Pen yesterday and I am impressed with the design and the strength of it. As a retired LEO, I want to have several levels of non-lethal defensive tools. I have had tactical pens in the past but this one is one tough tactical pen. I definitely purchase another in the future. I always carry a tactical pen with me where ever I go. I'm planning to order more for family members...."
"...I purchased this because I wanted a reliable everyday writing implement that could double as an emergency defensive tool. 

The integrated flashlight and glass breaker was what sold me on this model..."

"...I was a little tentative about buying these as you can never quite tell what kind of quality you're getting from a picture and description. But let me assure you, I have cuffed all my friends since getting these and actually asked them to break them if they could. So far, just a whole bunch of very bruised wrists! LOL! I'm not an officer so I can't vouch on how these compare to the real deal, but let me tell you, you're not getting out of them without the key, that's for sure...."
"...Very well Made Shipped very fast and the manufacture contacted us to ensure we liked their product - because they stand behind it. This was impressive. We hope we never have to use these - but with all the crazies out there - you just never know when you might have to use these cuffs when you've out witted a perpetrator with your taser or pepper spray and need to keep him restrained until the cops arrive. We all know the cops can't be everywhere - it's impossible..."
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